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Who We Are

Here at Amabel Designs we aspire to create joy in the everyday lives of women.  Our belief is, all women are simply beautiful just as they are.  However, a little extra shine is always a spirit picker-upper and icing on the cake. Each piece in our collection is either hand selected or custom designed to give a unique elegant look. Most of our pieces are 14k gold or rhodium plated and include crystal work. With our amazingly affordable prices and high quality custom jewelry that meets any taste, we are confident you will find pieces to enjoy.

Amabel Designs established in December of 2010 is a custom jewellery store. Amabel Designs works with three major suppliers that are known internationally for their high quality fashion jewellery products.

The main theme seen across  Amabel Designs’ products is the use of gemstones and crystals and mix of different colors for plating. The main idea for this theme mostly comes from a psychological stand point that the shine and feel of stones can create  good energy and a subtle “happy” feeling. Stones are a way to connect body to nature and tend to contribute to an overall positive attitude.

The designs and pricing of the products aim to target a wide range of customers. Amabel Designs’ products are suitable to be worn by females of all ages. The designs are a mix of hip new styles with a classic and elegant touch.

Amabel is a Latin word that means loveable or adorable and our slogan is “Spreading Girl Joy!”  It is our hope to decorate women with joy and confidence with jewelry.